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White-rumped Sandpiper
Calidris fuscicollis

The White-rumped Sandpiper is one of the commonest American waders to be seen in the United Kingdom. There have been six “Avon” County records,  four of which have been on Severnside. These records are:

12th-13th September 1985, juvenile, Severn Beach.
21st-30th August 1995, adult, Severn Beach.
22nd-26th November 1998 juvenile/first winter, Aust Warth.
4th August 2001, adult, Severn Beach.

Below are some images of the 1998 and 2001 birds. The adult seen in 1995 was photographed and a picture of it can be found in the Avon Bird Report for that year.

Aust Warth, 22nd - 26th November 1998
Here are are some video grabs (pre-digital camera days!) that I was able to take over it’s five day stay. It remained faithful to Cake Pill and was always seen in the company of two Dunlin. It was a very obliging bird, showing down to less than ten feet on occasions. The images lack a little colour, but it was seen in very grey November weather, against grey-brown silt. Some of the pictures show the white rump and the long wings projecting beyond the tail.
Severn Beach, 4th August 2001

This adult bird was found on the incoming evening tide. I was sat at home eating my evening meal when I received a telephone call that said “Why aren’t you out here watching this White-rumped Sandpiper?” Because I live only 100 metres from the wader roost, I was there in less than a minute! It was only present  for a few hours but I managed to take some  grainy record shots as the sky darkened just before a tremendous thunderstorm.